Seminar in Syntactic Theory: Quantification and Anaphora
Spring 2016

Week by week:
Jan. 27   Overview and survey.  Some background: Reader's Digest version of May's thesis; HO on history of Binding Theory
Feb. 3     No class - Baggett Lecture
Feb. 10-17   Transformational treatments of pronouns, reflexives, and control: More investigation of pros and cons, and early alternatives; Strong Crossover
Lees and Klima (1963) "Rules for English Pronominalization"  
McCawley (1967) "Where Do Noun Phrases Come From" pp. 181-182 are particularly relevant, but the whole article is well worth reading.
      Postal (1970) "On Coreferential Complement Subject Deletion" [[This is pretty long; just try to get the basic gist.]]
      Postal (1971) Crossover Phenomena  Part III
      Jackendoff (1972) Semantic Interpretation in Generative Grammar Chapters 4 and 5 [[At least skim them]] Ch. 4 is here; Ch. 5 is here.
       At least browse Wasow's diss., chapters 1, 2, and 4. 
     Lasnik and Funakoshi (in press) "Condition C Violations and Strong Crossover"
Feb. 24-March 2     Weak Crossover (after we finish SCO, which I now realize will take most of Feb. 24)
     Lasnik (1994) "Operators and Obviation"
     Lasnik and Uriagereka (1988) A Course in GB Syntax, chapter 3.
     Chaomsky (1982) Some Concepts and Consequences ... chapters 3 and 4.
     Chomsky (1976) "Conditions on Rules of Grammar"  pp. 199-204
     Koopman and Sportiche (1982) "Variables and the Bijection Principle"
    Safir (1984) "Multiple Variable Binding"
March 9   Plenty of stuff left over from last time!
March 23  Ditto!
     HO on WH-Q interactions
March 30  Finish WCO discussion; continue WH-Q interction discussion, especially with respect to the bound pronoun loophole. On the latter, here are some HOs and readings:
     Bound pronouns HOUMass HO Grano-Lasnik ms.
April 6   Lots more discussion of the bound pronoun loophole.
              ACD if there's time.
April 13 Paper proposal due. (Just a couple of pages with the phenomenon you plan to investigate, and a bit of bibliography. Send it to me as a pdf, so I can easily send back comments.)
April 13  More on ACD. Here is some of the classic literature: article by Bouton introducing the topic; Sag's thesis pp. 45-50 and 79-81; and pp. 11-14 of May's 1985 book Logical Form.
April 20 "Quantifier Lowering" and its interactions with anaphor binding. HO on QL;   May (1977) thesis 188-204; Lebeaux's original article; May Logical Form 97-105. Lasnik (2012)Fox (1999); Lasnik&Funakoshi (On single tree condition).
April 27-May 4  Student presentations
May 4  "Linking Theory", Higginbotham's 1983 alternative to Binding Theory. For summary and discussion, see Chapter 5.2 of Lasnik and Uriagereka (1988).

Meeting time:

Wednesday 3:00-6:00
1108B MMH

Howard Lasnik, instructor

1106 Marie Mount Hall
<lasnik [AT] UMD [DOT] edu>
(301) 405-4929

Office hours:
Tuesday mornings and afternoon
Thursdays until about 4:00 pm

Course description

Subject matter will include:
Pronouns as bound variables
WCO (and weakest cross over)
Split quantificational antecedents
Sloppy identity
Family of questions reading
EQUI vs. Control with quantificational antecedents
“Quantifier lowering”
   Lebeaux scope ‘trapping’
Scope restrictions on Tough movement (Some linguists are easy to please)
Scope and binding asymmetries in double object constructions

Course requirements

Term paper (and proposal)
Class presentation