The Dinosaur Park in Prince Georges County is open to the public the 1st & 3rd Sat. of the month 12-4 pm. Groups may call (301) 627-7755 to schedule visits at other times. Currently there is no charge.

Family Dinosaur Camp Information is now available for 2024!

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Fossils collected by visitors to the Dinosaur Park

List of sites for the proposed Maryland Dinosaur Trail

A photograph of Philip Tyson

Learn more about the dinosaur track quarry of Emmitsburg, MD and how you can assist in the effort to acquire and develop the dinosaur track quarry of Emmitsburg, MD.

Petition to save UBC Quarry in West Paterson, NJ from development. The UBC Quarry has been a unique fossil locality for scientific research and spectacular fossils from the Passaic formation in the Early Jurassic period of NJ since the 1960's. Many discoveries over the years have yielded a great deal of knowledge to the scientific community in the area of trace fossils (ichnology) during this unique time period. [More]

Official Dinosaur Act of 1998

Dinosaurs of the District of Columbia is now available at local bookstores.