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Welcome to the NY-PR (Nuyorican) Film Page, featuring information and comments on feature films (mostly) filmed in the New York area in the 1960s and 1970s by and/or with Puerto Rican casts and crews.


Hopefully this page will provide at least some information and a "web presence" for these movies.  Information (especially in English) is very hard to find and often erroneous or incomplete when it does exist.  My initial exposure to these NY-PR movies arose from my Mexican film research (since some of these films were co-productions or featured cast and crew members familiar to me from Mexican cinema).  However, when I tried to do a little additional searching for data on some of the movies I had seen, I discovered that "basic" sources such as were woefully inadequate.  The most blatant example of this is the mis-identification of Love After Death as an "Argentine" film.


Who am I? It may seem presumptuous of me--being neither Puerto Rican nor a New Yorker--to establish this page.  I am a film historian whose chief research interests are Mexican cinema and the film/society/history connection, as you can see from my cv here.  While I might lay claim to status as a minor "expert" in Mexican films, I make no such claim when it comes to NY-PR cinema.  This page will certainly be updated as I learn more, and I will provide links to other useful sites whenever possible.  And yes, the information and commentary on this page may be filtered through my own experience as a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant who happens to be a Mexican film scholar, so (a) I don't know much about Puerto Rican culture, and (b) I might make a lot of references to Mexican movies!


Various individuals have already provided valuable information but I am always in search of factual, personal, and anecdotal data from anyone. 


This site makes no pretensions towards being a definitive history of Nuyorican or Puerto Rican films.  I have included other titles (including some shot completely in Puerto Rico) but at this point I am not trying to create something like my The Mexican Filmography.  There are Puerto Rican film scholars (such as Joaquín "Kino" García) who can do this much better than I can.  Generally, I will only provide detailed reviews on films I have personally seen, but I will gladly add information and/or links for other titles.  Certainly dozens (?) and possibly over 100 (according to some sources) Nuyorican features were made in the Sixties and Seventies, but I have identified and seen only a few (hint: I am actively looking for more information and tapes/DVDs to watch!)


*shot at least partially in the NY area

1953:   Escombros* (dir. Rolando Barreras) ["Kino" García says this is a lost film.]

1961:   Romance en Puerto Rico

1963:   Lamento borincano aka Mr. Dolar aka Los expatriados*

            La vendedora de amor*

1964: Cuando acaba la noche was reviewed in Volume 17 Number 6 (December 2011) of The Mexican Film Bulletin. This is no longer online, so I will upload the review on this site (projected date: January 2021).

1965:   Heroína*

1966:   El Jibarito Rafael*

            Agente "0" en New York* [Added 10 June 2008]        

            Luna de miel en Puerto Rico       

New Addition:

El Satánico* Reviewed in Volume 18 Number 6 (Nov-Dec 2012) of The Mexican Film Bulletin.

1967:   Un largo viaje hacia la muerte*

            Organización criminal*         Reviewed in Volume 18 Number 2 (March-April-May 2012) of The Mexican Film Bulletin.

1967?:  Soñar no cuesta nada, "joven"* 

1967?:  Mami* (dir. Orestes Trucco)

1968?:  Love After Death*

1969:   El Callao*        

1970:   Tigresa*

1972:   Mataron a Elena  UPDATED 22 Feb 2021

            Sangre en Nueva York*

1975:   Toño Bicicleta*

            Santo en Oro Negro aka La noche de San Juan

1975:   Yeyo*

            Natás es Satán*

1977?:  Adiós, New York, Adiós*

and two that fall slightly beyond our (artificial) chronological parameters...

1981:  Prohibido amar en Nueva York* (dir. Enrique Gómez Vadillo)

1982:  Los dos mundos de Angelita* (dir. Jane Morrison)

AND, one mystery title: Tecato. According to the MySpace page for "Johnny H," this film was "stolen by the irate cameraman Peter Pallen [sic] who was editing at Haverland Film Studios, NYC, and angered because he was not paid. The producer was Glouco [sic] del Mar."




            The Films of Glauco del Mar 

            Jerónimo Mitchell Meléndez



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