Peter Dillery


University of Maryland
Department of Mathematics
4176 Campus Dr
College Park, MD 20742


Office: 4103 Kirwan Hall, Zoom
Office Hours: TBD

About Me: I am a Brin postdoc in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland.   I am interested in representation theory and number theory. More specifically, I study the local and global Langlands correspondence. I am currently an organizer of the UMD Number Theory and Representation Theory Seminar. I got my PhD in 2022 from the University of Michigan (advised by Tasho Kaletha).

CV available upon request

Research Publications

1. Rigid inner forms over local function fields. Adv. Math., (98 pp.).

2. Rigid inner forms over global function fields. arXiv preprint. submitted, (62 pp.).

3. Rigid inner forms and the Bernstein decomposition for L-parameters. (joint with David Schwein) arXiv preprint. (46 pp.).

4. Isocrystals and limits of rigid local Langlands correspondences . arXiv preprint. (39 pp.).

5. The canonical join complex for biclosed sets (joint with with A. Clifton and A. Garver)[Research done as undergraduate]. In Algebra Universalis (2018) 79: 84, arXiv preprint (22 pp.).

6. Minimal Length Maximal Green Sequences and Triangulations of Polygons (joint with with E. Cormier, K. Serhiyenko, J. Resh, and J. Whelan)[Research done as undergraduate]. Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics (25 pp.).

Current Teaching

Fall 2023: Math 120 (Calculus 1)