Text Box: Selected Publications

J.J. Han, S.B. Lee, K.Y. Choi, Geometrically constrained polymerization of styrene over heterogeneous catalyst layer in silica nanotube reactors, Polym. Eng. Sci. 2019, in press.


D. Tran and K.Y. Choi, Morphological study of nascent growth of an alpha-olefin polymers on spatially unconstrained silica surfaces, Macromol. React. Eng. 2018, 12, 1800009.


Y.J. Kim, K.Y. Choi, Morphologies of microparticles of partially neutralized sodium polyacrylate by inverse suspension polymerization, Polym. Eng. Sci. 2017, DOI 10.1002/pen.24744


D. Tran and K.Y. Choi, Nascent growth of alpha olefin polymers with rac-Et(ind)2ZrCl2/MAO catalyst on unfolded silica support, 2017 Canadian Institute of Chem Engrs. Annual Meeting, Edmonton, Canada, Oct. 2017.


K.Y. Choi, Polymer reaction engineering principles for the synthesis of polymer particles of complex morphologies, Hangzhou International Polymer Forum, May, 2017.


W.J. Yang, M. Hong, K.Y.Choi, Interfacial polycondensation in a continuous tubular reactors

Polym. Eng. Sci. (Online 6/3/2017 DOI: 10.1002/pen.24614)


S.Lee, K.Y.Choi, Ethylene polymerization over metallocene catalysts supported on highly fibrous silica nanoparticles, Macromol. React. Eng. 2017, 11, 1600027 DOI: 10.1002/mren.201600027


M. Mahadevan, S.V. Dessiatoun, M. Ohadi, E. Al Hajri, K.Y. Choi, Heterogeneous polymerization in a microreactor system, Chem. Eng. Technol. 2016, 39(2), 293-300.


S.Y. Lee, J.J. Han, S.B. Lee, K.Y. Choi, Growth of Polyethylene Nanofibrils Over rac-Et(Indenyl)2ZrCl2/MAO Catalyst Supported on Silica Nanotubes, Macroml. React. Eng. 2015, 9, 570-578.


I.H. Baick, W.J. Yang, Y.G. Ahn, K.H. Song, K.Y. Choi, Structure and properties ultra-high molecular weight bisphenol A polycarbonate synthesized by solid-state polymerizationin amorphous micro layers, J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2015, DOI: 10.1002.PP.41609.


G. Zhu, L. Emdadi, K.Y. Choi, D. Liu, Synthesis of ZSM-5@UiO-66 core-shell particles as bifunctional catalysts, RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 30673-30676.


S.Y. Lee, K.Y. Choi, Kinetics and growth of polyethylene nanofibrils over metallocene catalyst supported on flat silica and spherical nano-silica particles, Macromol. React. Eng. 2014, 8, 755-765.


I.H. Baick, Y. Ye, C.V. Luciani, Y.G. Ahn, K.H. Song, K.Y. Choi, Ultra-high molecular weight nonlinear polycarbonates synthesized in micro-layers, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2013, 52, 17419-17431.


S. Lee, S.K. Kim, S.B. Lee, K.Y. Choi, Metallocene catalyzed ethylene polymerization with specially designed catalyst supports and reaction systems , Macromol. Symposia, 2013, 333,

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