Is Titanium Magnetic?

If you’re having a hip replacement you might be wondering if titanium is magnetic. Wonder no longer, titanium is not magnetic.

Not only is titanium not magnetic, it does not exhibit the Lenz Effect. For example, when a magnet is passed over a metal like silver, copper, aluminum, or brass, the moving magnet causes small electrical eddy currents to form in the metal. The electrical eddy currents have their own magnetic field which interacts with the moving magnet. The result is that the moving magnet causes the metal to move without touching it.

[Video of Titanium Interacting with a Strong Magnet]

In the video above a magnet is passed over several metals.  All interact with the magnet except the titanium. 

The same effect can be seen when you drop a strong magnet down an aluminum or copper tube. Because of the Lenz effect it will fall slowly.

This would not be the case with a titanium tube though since titanium does not perceptively interact with magnets.

Note: Bender is 30% titanium

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