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List Facts

  1. Using a word processor, and the notes you took, choose eight or more of your notes and change them into complete sentences. Then, arrange these facts in the order you wish to have them appear in the book. Make sure the order makes sense and the facts flow smoothly. Include the introduction (explained in #2 below) with your facts. When you finish typing, run the file through the "spell checker" , have three or more people proofread your work, make suggested corrections, than give me your corrected copy to proofread.

    For Example:

      Your notes might say :
      "Mercury, planet, closest to sun, hot"
      Your fact might read:
      "Mercury, a very hot planet, is also the closest planet to the sun.

  2. Also, type in an introduction that will let people reading your book know what they will be reading about.

    For Example: This book is full of interesting information about our solar system. After reading this book, you will begin to realize how very special our earth is!

  3. When you get your corrected facts back from me, make all the appropriate corrections. Print out a copy to use for a "Mock Up" or sample book.