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Johnny Appleseed

by Ania

This stamp commemorates Johnny Appleseed. By his name, you can tell he loved apples and seeds. His real name was John Chapman. Johnny got his nickname because of his obsession with apples. He went around giving out sackfuls of seeds. Johnny didn't take any money, so most people thought he was crazy and light-headed. But the Indians thought he was a saint, for he saved the lives of babies and warriors using his special knowledge of herbs.
Another thing he loved were animals. His best companion was Brother Wolf, a hurt wolf he found on his journey. But something very sad happened to this wolf. A farmer shot him, because he was getting too close to his chickens. Johnny was very dejected by this news. He sat down to rest and fell asleep. Then up ahead he saw a rainbow. He got up and soon all the animals he knew , including Brother Wolf, were behind him. Johnny called out all their names. They walked up the rainbow. Then Johnny started throwing appleseeds all over. People say that is how all the apple orchards were made.
My stamp shows him with Brother Wolf throwing seeds and planting appleseeds.

by Weiwei

This stamp commemorates Johnny Appleseed. His real name was John Chapman, but people got to calling him Johnny Appleseed because of his deep hobby of planting appleseeds. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what he did his whole life- plant appleseeds! I, Wei- Wei, was a good friend of Johnny. He loved animals.
Whenever people needed help with chickens, sheep or anything of the sort, the first thing they would do is march right up to Johnny and say," All right, Johnny boy! My chicken's dyin' here and it's up to you to fix im' up!"
Some people even started a rumor that Johnny could talk to animals! Ha! Johnny ne'er did that!
Anyway, Johnny felt something was missing. He loved apples-but there were barely enough trees to go 'round those days. So Johnny made a big, hard decision. The next day Johnny set off, pan on his head and all- and went on his way, heading south. He would go to the cider mills and get the left over appleseeds to plant. He would also give away free seeds to bypassers and advise them to plant the seeds he gave them. But often when he asked if they had planted them, they would shake their heads, ashamed.
From then on, Johnny was a travelin' man. He would still ask people te' plant the seeds for him, but mostly he planted them 'imself.
Then one day, something real bad happened. Johnny was walkin' with dat' old Brother Wolf again, when all o' a sudden a mean, nasty, no good farmer came out en' shot im' pure! Well, you can tell what ol' Johnny thought o' that! He wouldn't bustle! But life goes on, an' so did that Johnny. He walked on and on til' one day he just had te' sit down fer' just a bit. He closed his tired eyes an' saw a rainbow. Johnny blinked twice, fer' there in front o' him was Brother Wolf! And that there is how Johnny died. Yeps! That's it. And we all will always remember him.
My stamp shows Johnny on a rainbow inside en' apple. Y'know, if ya' look real carefully at an apple, ya' can see Johnny lookin' at you, grinnin' fer' all he's werth.

by Kelli

Johnny Appleseed was born in Boston. Johnny's real name was John Chapman. People called him Johnny Appleseed because he liked to plant apple seeds. He was so special that he could talk to animals. Johnny Appleseed 's first stop was Pittsburgh, the second stop was Pennsylvania. People thought Johnny Appleseed was crazy because he was giving orchards away. He did not like to kill insects or animals. Johnny Appleseed found a friend that was a wolf. His name was Brother Wolf. Johnny Appleseed's wolf died and he cried.
Johnny Appleseed was depressed but he went on planting. But he still felt very lonely, but he was still happy. After he had done all of his work he was getting very tired. There was a rainbow in the sky and Johnny went walking on it. Johnny was going to heaven, and that is how he died.
My stamp shows Johnny Appleseed walking in the sky on a rainbow going to heaven carrying a pack of apple seeds.

by Kelly

This stamp commemorates Johnny Appleseed. He planted seeds all his life.
Johnny left home when he was a little boy. People called him dumb and that he was crazy for giving away free orchards, seeds, and land. He normally would stay at someone's house that was willing to help a boy in need. But one time no one said they would, help him so, Johnny went into a log, he found a big fluffy thing he with two eyes looking at him. It was a bear but luckily, nothing had happened. He could heal hurt or sick animals and people.
He met this wolf that was in a trap and got him out so they became best friends. All the people knew that his wolf was good and would not hurt anyone. His wolf died when he got to near a new farmers chickens and the farmer shot him.
Johnny died when he just could not walk anymore so he laid down and just died. Then he walked up a rainbow of flowers with his wolf followed by all the other animals. When he died, a boy found him and I think he continued his ways because of all the apple trees we have today came from 3 seeds he found on Johnny.
The boy said, "Where should I plant these seeds?", and went back to town to show that he found Johnny Appleseed.
My stamp shows Johnny Appleseed planting seeds because that is what he liked to do best. It shows trees sprouting up everywhere, and a rainbow because he loved rainbows and if you don't believe me, when he died he walked up one and he talks about it sometimes.

by Krista

My stamp commemorates "Johnny Appleseed. "
He plants appleseeds. Johnny Appleseed is the name, planting appleseeds is his game. Johnny Appleseed is what he liked to be called but his real name was John Chapman !!
Johnny loved apples, appleseeds and apple trees, and boy oh boy did he like animals. He loved appleseeds so much that well .... he planted orchards everywhere he went. He did not have fancy clothes that's for sure. He had patched up clothes and a pot for a hat. That was pretty smart, he cooked in it too. He traveled alot and he walked everywhere. He would walk around and plant orchards everywhere he stopped or even went. He was strange in a few ways. He would not accept any money and he was one of the few people who many people thought was crazy. Johnny would just give the apples away and do you know what he would tell the people. . .
He would say, '' Now after you eat those apples you plant those seeds !! "
When Johnny would see one of the people that he gave some apples to he would ask, " Did you plant those appleseeds ?"
Usually he would get the answer, "No I forgot." So Johnny did most of the planting.
One day he heard a crying sound. It was a wolf caught in the jaws of a trap. Johnny helped the wolf and from then on they were friends. The wolf followed Johnny everywhere. Brother wolf was killed by a farmer that thought the wolf was trying to eat the chickens. Later on in his life Johnny died under an apple tree. When he died he saw his friends in heaven.
r My stamp shows Johnny Appleseed planting appleseeds with brother wolf following him as usual.

by Patty

This stamp commorates " Johnny Appleseed." Johnny was a young boy when he started selling and planting seeds. Oh, by the way he became famous for doing that. Whenever anyone asked for food, water or a place to stay Johnny would give them appleseeds. This is what he said to them...
"Now go plant these appleseeds and I don't want any money." When the people came back Johnny asked them, " Did you plant the seeds?''
They would say, "I forgot."
So Johnny kept, planting , and giving away appleseeds. One day Johnny was walking through the forest and heard a whimpering sound. He followed the sound and saw a wolf stuck in a steel trap. He tried to get the wolf free but the wolf growled at him. Finally Johnny got the wolf free. He called the wolf "Brother Wolf." The wolf followed him everywhere.
One day Johnny was cooking porridge above a fire. Sparks were flying down instead of up. Johnny realized that they were insects. He would not kill insects for his porridge. So he jumped up and put out the fire. He ate cold porridge that night. He just couldn't hurt any animals.
When he traveled he would make more and more friends. One of them was a bird he called "Sister Sparrow." Everyday Johnny wore a gunny sack. One day " Brother Wolf" was killed by a farmer because the wolf was to close to the chickens. One day Johnny sat down under a tree with his animals. All of a sudden a rainbow came down and Johnny and " Brother Wolf", and the other animals began to walk. They walked right up the rainbow. The next day a man came riding by and saw Johnny Appleseed lying under the tree. That was the last anyone saw of Johnny Applessed.
On my stamp there is Johnny Appleseed planting seeds. The trees around him are apple trees. Johnny loved his animal friends so some of them are in the picture.

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