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Paul Bunyan

by Maxine

My stamp commemorates Paul Bunyan. Paul Bunyan was born in Maine. Since Paul was so big obviously he was making all kinds of trouble. Paul Bunyan's dad was an ordinary man, he was a bit nervous about what the towns people might think about baby Paul. So, he decided that he had to put him somewhere safe. Somewhere where he wouldn't be making trouble. Paul's father made a boat shaped like a cradle for him. Then Paul's parents set the cradle attached by a rope out to sea.
As Paul grew older and bigger, he found a baby ox. He named the ox Babe. And from then on Babe followed Paul everywhere. He also began cutting down trees. He hired a crew to help him. In order to feed all of them Paul had to make the biggest griddle in the world.
People say that the Grand Canyon was formed by Paul by accident when he was dragging an axe behind him. One day the king of Switzerland asked Paul to clear a large piece of land because a group of people were going to be going there. The king was making an offer of silver and gold if they could clear the land for him before the people got there. So indeed that's what Paul and his crew did. The king was very impressed and gave Paul all the silver and gold he had promised he would give. No one really knew how he died.
My stamp shows Paul when he was a baby and his father set him out to sea.

by Selena

This stamp commemorates Paul Bunyan. I chose this story because it is funny and, exaggerated, exciting and adventurous. Paul was born in Maine. Some people say he was taller than an ordinary house. When he was a baby he rolled over in his sleep and knocked down a mile of trees. People in town thought Paul was to much trouble so his parents made a boat size cradle and sent Paul to sea.
When Paul was older, one morning he awoke to find blue snow, and a blue ox, in the cold. He named the ox Babe. As the years passed, Paul and Babe grew to be the best lumber-jacks in America. They found average size lumber-jacks and they were a big crew. They ate pancakes pretty much every morning. There was not a big enough griddle so Paul had one made so big you could not see across it on a foggy day.
Any way if you ever hear heavy footsteps or a booming voice yelling "TIMBER" up in the Alaskan mountains, you'll know it's Paul and Babe cutting the trees away.
My stamp shows, Paul Bunyan as a baby. It is talking about the part when he was causing to much trouble so his parents made him a boat size cradle, and put him out sea.

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