B is for BEAVER

By Jillian

Beavers live in something like a tepee. It is called a lodge. A lodge is made out of sticks. Beavers eat bark, twigs leaves and roots so I guess you could say they have a pretty good diet. Beavers are the size of a puppy dog. Beaver babies are called kits or pups. Beavers are brown with a tail that looks like a tennis racket without holes. Beavers have webbed feet like a ducks, with nails for the back feet. Animal claws for the front feet. The beavers front teeth are called incisors. My Beanie Baby is Bucky the Beaver. He was born June 8, 1995. Bucky is brown with black whiskers, dark brown tail, black eyes and two white hanging teeth. Sepia is the color of his ears.

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