by Lauren

The armadillo is a very unique animal. The armadillos predators are bobcats and cougars. To protect itself from enemies it will run to its burrow and as a last resort it will curl into a ball using its shell. Armadillos are found in parts of the southern United States. The nine-banded armadillo is the only kind found in the United States. Armadillos are also found in South America. An armadillo eats insects, eggs, small snakes, dead animals, occasionally fruit and plant shoots. An armadillo has a hard bony shell, a long snout, strong sharp claws and a long tail. A baby armadillo is called a pup. An armadillos life span is about ten years. The size of an armadillo is about as large as a house cat. My Beanie Babys' name is Tank the Armadillo. Tanks birthday is February 22, 1995. Tank is gray with a quilted shell.

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