J is for Jolly the WALRUS

By Amanda

A walrus lives in the northern waters of the Arctic Ocean. Some walruses live in a herd while others live alone. Walrus eat clams, snails, crabs, and worms. Walrus fat or blubber can be as thick as 6 inches. Males can grow to 12 feet. Female walrus usually have one baby a year. A baby walrus is called a calf. Walrus have long tusks of ivory. The color of Walrus are brown, gray and tan. Walruses can live for forty years in the wild. Walrus are mammals. Their enemies are people because people hunt them, especially Eskimos. Sometimes they get in fights and during the battle they break their tusks. My Beanie Baby is Jolly the Walrus. He was born on December 2, 1996. He is small and has a mustache of bristles on his upper lip.

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