Vampire Bats

by Lindsay


Vampire bats have a bad reputation. Most people think that all bats suck blood, but actually there are about 1,000 species of bats and only 3 species suck blood.

Vampire bats feed on the blood of cows, pigs, and horses. An adult vampire bat's wing span is about 32 to 35 cm long. They don't suck blood but rather make small cuts and lick the blood. They have 2 lateral grooves on their tongues that help them lick the blood. An adult vampire bat drinks about 5 teaspoons of blood a day. Vampire bats live in Latin America.

Vampire pups mature in about 9 months. Vampire pups are born blind. DID YOU KNOW THAT VAMPIRE BATS HAVE FEWER TEETH THAN ANY OTHER BAT? Vampire bats live up to 9 years in the wild and over 20 years in captivity. Vampire bats prey mostly on domestic animals. Vampire bats, like most bats, live in caves or hollow trees. Vampire bats also use rivers and streams as navigation like we use maps.

In conclusion, you see that all bats have a bad reputation, especially vampire bats. But really, when they drink blood, it is just like us eating a burger.