Myths About Bats

by Jenny


Bats have been misunderstood creatures since ancient times. They often appear in legends or myths as evil beings. In India, if a bat is seen flying around a house, it means a sign of death. But you should know that bats are helpful creatures.

Bats do not get tangled in peoples' hair. They may get very close to peoples' hair. The only reasons they get close to peoples' hair are they are outside, their heat attracts mosquitoes, and bats eat mosquitoes.

A lot of people think bats are blind. Only microbats cannot see that well, but they aren't blind. Also, bats can get rabies, but less than 1 percent of them actually get rabies.

If you are a teenager, you won't believe this. Bats groom more than you! Most people think bats are filthy creatures, but bats are cleaner than cats.

Don't fear vampire bats. They only suck blood from animals. Actually, they don't even suck blood. They make a small cut and lick the blood.