Table 2. Representative comments from course evaluations

“Enjoyed the class. It was very interesting. The lectures were very well presented.”

“Great lecturer, very interesting, very approachable with questions. The homework helped a lot. The guest lecturers were great.”

“Very enthusiastic! Case studies were helpful. Great class.”

“The class should be kept as an upper-level chemistry option.”

“[The instructors] actually works in the field—good hands on knowledge of the subject. Very interesting course.”

One positive aspect was “other people coming to class to talk about forensics.”

“This course was great! It should be taught as often as possible. I’m sure that there is sufficient interest to fill it each time.”

“[The course] motivates to learn and interests students with case studies that pertain to what is being studied. Best course I have taken throughout my college career.”

“[The instructors] really motivated everyone, wanted us to learn the material.”

“Very enthusiastic about subject, truly tried and accomplished the tie between theory and practice. [I found] the slides, mock court, and hands-on examples particularly helpful.”

“This was a very interesting course, and it has inspired me to possibly enter the field of forensics. Slides helped make the class interesting.”

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