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Ready Reference for the Digital Librarian


The old farmer's almanac 2012. (2011). Dublin, NH: The Old Farmer's Almanac.
Established in 1792, for over two hundred years the Old Farmer's Almanac, North America's oldest reference handbook, has offered its predictions on the coming years astronomical forecast, particularly in terms of the tides and weather, as well as including a calendar which lists the yearly holiday schedule. It is often described as a "snapshot" of the year. Also, as a reference source the Old Farmer's Almanac provides tips on assortment of subjects, one of the more recent articles being: "How to Win at Pet Shows and County Fairs." The latest edition is published each September.

TIME almanac for kids 2012. (2011). Time Home Entertainment, Inc.
TIME for Kids Almanac is a compendium of yearly events, facts, and stats, included not only to the United States but the rest of the world. A variety of topics are discussed, from celebrities to archaeological discoveries, accompanied by more than 800 pictures, maps, lists, and time tables—all geared toward the child reader.

Janssen, Sarah, Badgett Nan, & Liu, M. L. (2010). The world almanac and book of facts 2011. New York, NY: World Almanac Books.
First issued in 1868, The World Almanac of Books and Facts is a comprehensive review of the past year, including facts, statics, maps, and tables on a multitude of topics ranging from the economy, elections, military affairs, and sports, and scientific advancements. Available at most booksellers, it is an invaluable ready reference source, the Wall Street Journal declaring it, "a treasure trove of political, economic, scientific and educational statistics and information."

Wright, John W. (2011). The new york times almanac 2011. New York, NY: Penguin Reference Books.
From its debut in 1997, The New York Times Almanac has relied on a variety of sources to provide accurate, all-inclusive coverage of the year's noteworthy events. Similar to most Almanacs, The New York Times Almanac briefly relays information, facts, statics, and maps on global issues, politics, sports, and entertainment. It is available every October, published by Penguin Books.