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``Here we are! Let us say YES to our presence in Chaos." - John Cage.

``What is Chaos, that we should be mindful of it?" - Joseph Ford, taken from Psalm 8, verse 4.

  Comments on, and corrections to AN INTRODUCTION TO CHAOS IN NONEQUILIBRIUM STATISTICAL MECHANICS , Cambridge University Press, (1999), as of 9/1/00:

  1. Page xiii, line 6: ``University", not ``Univserity".
  2. Page 50, line 4: ``left-hand side", not ``right-hand side".
  3. Page 61, line 9 from bottom: ``system", not ``systems".
  4. Page 74, line 13: ``useful", not ``usefully".
  5. Page 178: A very nice discussion of irreversiblity and coarse graining in the context of plasma physics, more specifically in connection to the phenomenon of Landau damping, can be found in the book by van Kampen and Felderhof. They also mention something about the formation of fractal structures, although the word fractal had not yet been coined. See N. G. van Kampen and B. U. Felderhof, Theoretical Methods in Plasma Physics , North-Holland Publ. Co., Amsterdam, (1967), pp. 153-158.
  6. Page 182, equation (13.46): Signs are wrong in front of both terms on the right hand side. Alternatively, interchange l and r.
  7. Page 188, equations (13.62) and (13.64): Insert minus signs in front of the derivatives of the topological pressure with respect to beta.
  8. Page 260, line 5: Delete one of the two ``the"'s.

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