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Wang, P. "Chasing the Hottest IT: Effects of Information Technology Fashion on Organizations," MIS Quarterly (34:1), 2010.



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Conference Papers or Posters

Tsui, C.-j., Wang, P., Fleischmann, K.R., Oard, D.W., and Sayeed, A.B. "Exploring the Relationships among Icts: A Scalable Computational Approach Using Kl Divergence and Hierarchical Clustering," 43rd Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences, Kauai, HI, 2010.

Tsui, Chia-jung, Wang, Ping, Fleischmann, Kenneth R., Sayeed, Asad B., and Weinberg, Amy. "Building an IT Taxonomy with Co-Occurrence Analysis, Hierarchical Clustering, and Multidimensional Scaling," iConference, Champaign, IL., 2010.

Last updated December 25, 2009