Language in Day to Day Economics


"What is the sound of falling prices?"

In preparation for this investigation of shopping, please do the following:

  1. Go shopping. Include the following:
    1. a superstore (a grocery such as Shoopers Food Warehouse, a large box store such as Walmart or Target, or specialized box store such as Best Buy)
    2. If you have some shopping to do at a store where you know the owner, go there too. If not, I don't think this will be very valuable.
    3. an on-line site where you have bought things
  2. At the store(s) and website, listen to the talk. Watch the communication going on. Locate decisions being made and on what basis they are being made. What is the language of advertising? What is the language of decision?
  3. Complete a journal entry in which you talk about a motive that you discover in this activity.
  4. Be prepared to report back to class on Thursday, March 25.

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