Claim Study Aid

Below are a series of claims. Identify each as either a claim of fact, judgment or action. Click on your choice. The quiz will tell you if you are right or wrong. (You may want to punch now on both fact and judgement in the first answer.  Otherwise your browser will give you the answers without your even trying.)  On your browser hit <BACK> to return to your place in the list.
  1. The Chinese offered huge amounts of money to buy the American elections. Fact Judgment Policy
  2. You have got to let the terps into that tournament. Fact Judgment Policy
  3. Students will need to learn to master access to information to be employable in the 21st century. Fact Judgment Policy
  4. The President should now reverse himself on the port deal. Fact Judgment Policy
  5. It is time for those of us who live on Capitol Hill to take charge of our neighborhood and do something about the crime. Fact Judgment Policy
  6. Mass transit is not a solution to the problem of overcrowding on the beltway. Fact Judgment Policy
  7. Gary Williams: "I am very proud of what this team has accomplished." Fact Judgment Policy
  8. We have to provide additional information to teens on sexual practice. Fact Judgment Policy
  9. Increased information about sexual practices to teens only increases the likelihood that they will be sexually active. Fact Judgment Policy
  10. McKeldin Library is a wonderful library for undergraduates. Fact Judgment Policy
  11. French impressionism was a far more significant school of art than Cubism. Fact Judgment Policy
  12. We would all be better off with the Cornerstone closed down. Fact Judgment Policy
  13. The appearance of eagerness for war on Iraq has diminished American credibility in the Arab world. Fact Judgment Policy
  14. Aggressive drivers have become our most significant traffic problem. Fact Judgment Policy
  15. Reference services at McKeldin Library must be upgraded. Fact Judgment Policy
  16. Doug Duncan is running for Governor in 2006. Fact Judgment Policy
  17. With all the problems that we face as a society, cloning is not one that should worry us. Fact Judgment Policy
  18. The idea that those with depression should not have children is repugnant. Fact Judgment Policy
  19. Increasing tuition in the middle of the academic year is unfair. Fact Judgment Policy
  20. Increasing tuition in the middle of the academic year was necessary to avoid cancelling classes in Spring Semester. Fact Judgment Policy

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