Galitski Group Alumni

    Former Postdocs
  • Tudor Stanescu (now tenured Professor at the University of W. Virginia)
  • Kai Sun (now tenured Professor at Michigan State University)
  • Maxim Dzero (now tenured Professor at Kent State University)
  • So Takei (now Professor at The City University of New York)
  • Roman Lutchyn (now research staff in Microsoft)
  • Chris Varney (now Professor at the University of West Florida)
  • Dr. Handong Chen (now working in the hedge-fund industry)
  • Benjamin Fregoso (now Professor at Kent State University)
  • Tigran Sedrakyan (now Professor at UMass Amherst)
  • Greg Boyd (now permanent research staff at Northrop Grumman)
  • Stefan Natu (now permanent research staff at Exxon Mobil)
  • Sergey Syzryanov (moving to a Professorial position at the Univ of Southern California)

  • Former Students
  • Andrew Robertson (Moved to a permanent research position at Naval Research Lab skipping postdoc stage)
  • Brandon Anderson (currently a postdoc at the University of Chicago)
  • Justin Wilson (currently a postdoc at Caltech)
  • Anirban Gangopadhyay (moved to a permanent staff position at MathWorks; Boston, MA)
  • Joe Mitchell (working for an internet start-up)
  • Jura j Radic (moved to a quantitative trading firm, RGM Advisors)
  • Aydin Cem Keser (moving to a postdoc at the University of New South Wells, Australia)

  • Older Group Photographs

    In the group photo (May, 2011):
    Top row: Meng Cheng, Brandon Anderson, Juraj Radic, and Dr. Greg Boyd
    Middle row: Dr. Kai Sun, Dr. Tigran Sedrakyan, Andrew Robertson, and Joe Mitchell
    Bottom row: Anirban Gangopadhyay, Dr. Victor Galitski, Dr. Christopher Varney , and Justin Wilson
    Missing in the group photo: Dr. So Takei

    In the group photo (June, 2014):
    Top row: Dr. Dmitry Efimkin, Kahlil Dixon, Aydin cem Keser, Zach Reines
    Bottom row: Juraj Radic, Dr. Valenitn Stanev, Hilary Hurst, Justin Wilson, and Andrew Allocca