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Yun Ju Jung (PhD, 2016)

B.S. Yonsei University

M.S. Seoul National University

Current position: US Patent Examiner

Microreactors for the synthesis of precisely controlled polymer particles with

complex internal structures



In Hak Baick (PhD, 2013)

B.S. Inha University

Ultrahigh MW polycarbonate by solid state polymerization in micro-layers

Current position: Samsung Electronics


Sang Yool Lee (PhD, 2015)

Sungkyunkwan University

Silica nanotube reactors for catalytic polymerization and novel silicon-based

anode materials for Lithium ion batteries

Current position: LG Chem









Joong Jin Han (PhD, 2008, LG Chem) Heterogeneous polymerization/metallocene catalysis


 Yuesheng Ye (PhD, 2008, FDA) Polymerization in solid state


Seung Young Park (PhD, 2003, LG Chem) Metallocene catalyzed copolymerization of ethylene and cyclic olefins


Boo Gon Woo (PhD, 2000 CEO, Private Company) Mass transfer and reaction phenomena in melt polycondensation processes


Ju Yong Kim (PhD, 2001, Samsung SDI) Modeling of gas phase olefin polymerization processes

Recent Graduates

Postdocs / Visiting Scholars


Dr. Yong Jeon Kim, 2004-2005, /SK Energy


Modeling of olefin polymerization reactions and processes


Sung Won Kim, 2005, SKC

MS Ajou University

Advanced materials for films and applications



Dr. Hyung Woo Lee, 2003-2004

PhD, Hanyang University

Syndiotactic styrene polymerization with metallocene catalysts


Dr. S. Y. Na (LG Chem) 2003-2004 /Patent Lawyer

PhD, Korea Adv. Inst. of Technology

Computational Fluid Dynamics/Polymer Process Modeling/Control


Prof. Jin Suk Chung (PhD, Seoul National University), 2001-2003

 Metallocenes/Ziegler-Natta catalysis and polymerization

(Currently at Ulsan University, Ulsan, Korea

Department of Chemical Engineering)


Prof. In Sun Kim (PhD, Seoul National University), 2001-2002

Professor, Dongyang Technical College

Polyester reactor modeling

Polymer reaction engineering


(Left) Mr. Jong Keun Song (LG Chemical), 2002

(Right) Kwang Ik Moon (LG Chem Research Park), 2001-2002

Emulsion polymerization/Polymerization process modeling









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Woojic Yang (PhD)

University of Maryland

Modeling and kinetics of heterogeneous olefin copolymerization processes


Dennis Tran (PhD)

University of Maryland

Morphogenesis of polyolefins on controlled silica support materials


Meera Mahadevan (MS, 2013)

Microreactors for olefin polymerization