Español I - Review Pages

The following sites contain activities to help you review for semester exams

Vocabulary Review

The activities below consist of flashcards, concentration games and word searches for Spanish vocabulary that we have studied in class.  They were created at the site  You must have a java enabled browser to use these activities.

El Tiempo / Weather

Los Colores

Los Números

Numbers Quiz

Los Adjectivos / Adjectives (used with ser)

Countries & Capitals

Los lugares / Places

La familia

Regular -AR Verbs

-AR Verb Conjugation

Infinitives of -AR, -ER, -IR Verbs

Quiz on the forms of ser

Grammar Review
The following review exercises are from the site:
Once you have read the tutorial, please complete the practice exercises & tests.  You may send me a copy of your results if you wish!  If you have Real Audio installed on your computer, you can listen to the oral practice exercises.  ¡Buena Suerte!

Useful topics
Months, Seasons & Dates
Days of the Week
Weather Expressions
Numbers 11-30
Subject Pronouns
Question Words
Gender of Nouns     Gender of Nouns Part II
Definite & Indefinite Articles
Plural Forms of Nouns
Possessive Adjectives
Regular Verb ConjugationI
Regular Verb Conjugation II
Regular Verb ConjugationIII
Los Adjetivos I     Los Adjetivos II
Uses of SER
Uses of ESTAR
Grand finale- Ser & Estar
Simple Future:  IR+A+INF
To Have to:  TENER+QUE+INF
Contractions AL & DEL

What else should I study?
This is the list I passed out in class!

¡Yo quiero sacar una buena 
nota en el examen!


Online Quizzes - For extra credit!! - (Ms. Brennan's students only)

Go to:

For the Estar & location quiz, type in:  Estar & locations

For the Ser/Estar quiz, type in:   Ser/Estar1

This must be written exactly as described above or it will not work!

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