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   Identify and locate Spanish speaking countries and their capitals.
  Greet others, say goodbye, ask for and give names.  Express courtesy, and ask for and express opinions.
  Respond to and give simple commands.
  Identify classroom objects.
  Spell name & basic vocabulary.  Use numbers to give ages, phone numbers and dates in Spanish.
  Use Spanish days, months and dates to state birthdays and holidays.
  Use time expressions in a variety of situations.
  Describe self and others.
  Describe weather conditions, including temperature.
  Use descriptions of weekend activities in a variety of possible combinations.
  Express preferred ways of spending leisure time.
  Use present tense regular verbs to describe daily routines at home and at school.
  Ask and answer questions about daily routine.
  Identify family members orally.
  Describe self and others orally and on writing.
  Use the correct form of the verb "ser" to describe physical features of family, friends, and self.
  Obtain information about family and friends using correctly:
          -  Interrogatives and si/no
          -  vocabulary
          -  "tener" with age
          -  correct forms of "ser" and "estar"


  Correctly use the irregular verbs SER, ESTAR, TENER, IR
  Express future plans using the formula of IR + A + INFINITIVE
  Present tense of regular -AR, -ER, -IR verbs
  Possessive adjectives (mi/mis, tu/tus, su/sus, nuestro/a - nuestros/as)
  Adjective agreement - number/gender
  Contractions a+el=AL and de+el=DEL
  Definite & Indefinite articles  (el/la, los/las) (un/a, unos/as)
  Subject pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella, Ud., nosotros, vosotros, ellos, ellas, Uds.)


  Question words
  numbers 1-1000
  Days of the week, months, dates
  Time vocabulary
  Weather / Seasons
  Family members
  Descriptive adjectives (tall/short, etc.)
  Regular action verbs
  Classroom objects

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