Physics 603                                                    SPRING 2004                    Chemical Physics 718F


The Basis and Essentials of Statistical Mechanics


The following books are relevant to this course: those marked AR@ have been placed on reserve in the Engineering and Physical Sciences Library.  Those starred * are recommended.


Author                                                             Title


Classical Mechanics

H. Goldstein (R)        AClassical Mechanics@ (Addison-Wesley, 1950)

V.I. Arnold                AMathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics@ (Springer, 1978)



    *A.B. Pippard (R)    AElements of Classical Thermodynamics@ (Cambridge, 1957)

    *H.B. Callen (R)      AThermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics@ (Wiley, 1985)

E.A. Guggenheim   AThermodynamics@ (North-Holland), 1950


Thermophysics at an introductory level

W. Greiner et al. (R)     AThermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics@ (Springer, 1995)

G.S. Rushbrooke (R        AStatistical Mechanics@ (Oxford, 1949)

E.S.R. Gopal (R)          AStatistical Mechanics and Properties of Matter@ (Wiley, 1974)

H. Reiss               AMethods of Thermodynamics@ (1999)

F. Reif                            AFundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics@ (McGraw Hill, 1965)

F. Mandl                   AStatistical Physics@ (Oxford, 1949)


Statistical Mechanics (R) - (all on reserve in this section)

    *R.K. Pathria                    AStatistical Mechanics@, 2nd edn. (Butterworh/Heinemann, 1996)

    *D.A. McQuarrie             AStatistical Mechanics@ (Harper & Row, 1976)

    *S.K. Ma                          AStatistical Mechanics@ (World Scientific, 1985)

      R. Kubo et al.                 AStatistical Mechanics@ (North-Holland), 1964)

D. Chandler                 AIntro. to Modern Statistical Mechanics@ (Oxford, 1987)

A. Isihara                     AStatistical Physics@ (Academic, 1971)

C.J. Thompson               AMathematical Statistical Mechanics@ (MacMillan, 1972)

T.C. Dorlas                    "Statistical Mechanics:  Fundamentals . . ." (IOP, 1999)

More Advanced Statistical Mechanics (mostly not on reserve)

K. Huang (R)                     AStatistical Mechanics" (2nd Ed. Wiley & Sons, 1981)

    *M. Plischke

         and B. Bergersen (R)            AEquilibrium Statistical Physics" (Prentice Hall, 1989)

      G.F. Mazenko (R)                   "Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics" (Wiley, 2000)

L. Reichl                                  AA Modern Course in Statistical Physics@ (U. Texas Press, 1980)

L. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz     AStatistical Physics@ (Pergamon, c. 1960)

E.M. Lifshitz

         and L.P. Pitasevskii              AStatistical Physics@ (Pergamon, 1980)

R. Balescu                              AEquilibrium and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics@

C. Kittel                                 AElementary Statistical Physics@ (Wiley, 1958)

T.L. H        l                           AStatistical Mechanics@ (NOT AIntro to . . . @) (McGraw Hill, 1956)

D. ter Haar                             AElements of Statistical Mechanics@ (Constable, 1954)

R.C. Tolman                           APrinciples of Statistical Mechanics@ (Oxford, 1938)

A. Münster                             AStatistical Thermodynamics,@ Vols. I and II (Springer/Academic, 1974)

D.C. Mattis                            AStatistical Mechanics Made Simple@ (World Scient., Imperial Coll., 2003)


Michael E. Fisher