Born 3rd September 1931, Trinidad, West Indies.
Education King's College, University of London: 1948-1951: B.Sc., 1st Class Honors, Special
Physics, 1951; 1953-1956: Ph.D., Physics, 1957; Fellow of King’s College London, 1981.
Current Position: Distinguished University Professor and Regent's Professor at the University of Maryland, 1987- (Wilson H. Elkins Professor, 1987-1993).
Previous Positions: (excluding visiting positions) King's College, London: Lecturer in Theoretical Physics, 1958-1962;
   Reader, 1962-1964; Professor of Physics, 1965-1966; Fellow, 1981.
Guest Investigator, Rockefeller Institute, New York, 1963-1964.
Cornell University: Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics, 1966-1973;
   Horace White Professor of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, 1973-1989;
   Chairman, Department of Chemistry, 1975-1978
Societies: Fellow of the Royal Society, elected 1971, Bakerian Lecturer, 1989;
   Vice-President, 1993-95.
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected 1979.
Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences, elected 1983.
Honorary Fellow, Royal Society of Edinburgh, elected 1986.
American Philosophical Society, elected 1993.
Foreign Member, Brasilian Academy of Sciences, elected 1996.
Honorary Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, elected 2000.
Foreign Member, Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters, elected 2003
Selected Distinctions Irving Langmuir Prize in Chemical Physics, 1970.
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowships, 1970-1971; 1978-1979.
New York Academy of Sciences Award in Physical and Math. Sciences, 1978.
Guthrie Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics (U.K.), 1980.
Wolf Prize in Physics, 1980.
Michelson-Morley Award of Case Western Reserve University, 1982.
National Academy of Sciences, 1983 James Murray Luck Award (for reviewing).
Boltzmann Medal, IUPAP Commission on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, 1983.
Honorary Doctorate of Science, Yale University, 1987.
Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University, 1992
Lorentz Professor, Leiden, Fall 1993
Hildebrand Award, American Chemical Society, 1995.
Hirschfelder Prize in Theoretical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, 1995.
First Lars Onsager Memorial Prize, American Physical Society, 1995.
Baker Lecturer in Chemistry, Cornell University, 1997.
Some Special Lectures London Memorial, Duke Univ., 1975; Japan Society., Tokyo, etc., 1977; Loeb, Harvard, 1979; Welsh, Toronto, 1979; Montroll Memorial, N.A.S., 1984; de Shalit Memorial, Weizmann Inst., 1985; Cherwell-Simon, Oxford, 1985; Schlapp, Edinburgh, 1987; Marker, Penn. State, 1988; Hamilton Mem., Princeton, 1990; J.W. Gibbs, Amer. Math. Soc., 1992; M.S. Green Mem., Temple Univ., 1992; First Lars Onsager Lect., Norwegian. Inst. Tech., 1993; Lorentz Prof., Ehrenfest Colloq., Leiden, 1993; Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, 1994; Lennard-Jones, Roy. Soc. Chem., 1995; Sherman Fairchild, Lehigh Univ., 1996; Brickwedde, Johns Hopkins, 1998; Michelson, Case Western Reserve, 1999; Wolfson Coll., Oxford, 2000; Edison, NRL, Washington, 2000; Disting. Lect., The Technion, 2004.
Recent Summer School Courses, etc.: Jerusalem Wint. School: "Membranes and Surfaces", 1987-1988; Mexican School on Stat. Physics, Oaxtepec, Aug. 1989; NATO ASI, "Phase Transitions in Surface Films," Erice, 1990; ICTP Working Party, "Surface Phase Transitions," Trieste, Sept. 1991; Complex Systems Wint. School, Tucson, Jan. 1992; "Series-94," The Technion, 1994; Fermi School, "Physics Complex Systems," Varenna, July 1996; NATO ASI, Liquid State Theory, " Sicily, July 1998; NATO ARW, "Stat. Phys. applied to Pract. Probs., " Budapest, May 1999; Jyväskylä Sum. Sch. in Physics, Finland, Aug. 2000; Gordon-Kenan Sum. Sch. in Chem. Phys., Rhode Island, June 2002; Fermi School “Physics of Complex Systems: New advances and perspectives,” Varenna, July 2003.
Selected Editorial Boards, etc.: J. Theoret. Biol., 1969-82; Chemical Physics, 1972-84; Commun. Math. Physics, 1984-2000, Advisory Bd., 2001-; The Physical Review A, 1987-93; Reviews of Math. Physics, 1988-2000; Regional Ed., Proc. Roy. Soc. A, 1989-93; Physica A, 1995- ; J. Physics A, 1996- ; J. Stat. Phys., 2002- .
Other Societies Fellow of the Physical Society, IoP, London; American Physical Society, Fellow; Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; Mathematical Association of America; American Chemical Society; New York Academy of Sciences, Fellow (resigned); Amer. Assoc. Advanc. Sci., Fellow; Biophysical Society; Society of General Physiologists.
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"The 250 Most-cited Primary Authors in 1984," C.C. 3, Nov. 1986.
ISI’s “1120 Most-cited Physicists, 1981-June 1997” lists 118 articles published in this period cited over 3850 times.
Publications A book, lecture courses, over 380 original articles, 18 reprinted.