Recent Research Interests
1) Neutrino Masses and Mixings, Leptogenesis:
Neutrinos are weakly-interacting particles, which are passing through our body in billions in a second. Neutrinos are found to have a tiny amount of mass (about one-millionth of that of an electron), which might reflect an interesting origin. They come in different flavors and oscillate among them as they travel. Right-handed neutrinos might be the key for the existence of ordinary matter in the universe throught the so-called Leptogenesis. Sterile neutrinos might be also a viable condidate for dark matter.
Here is a recent talk on the subject:
An SO(10) GUT Model for Neutrino Masses and Mixing Angle Theta_13

2) Quantum Chromodynamics and Physics of Strong Interactions:
The strong force binds together the quarks and gluons to form protons and neutrons---the main constituents of atomic nuclei. The strong interactions account for the bulk of the mass of ordinary matter and are responsible for formation of the basic elements.
Here are a couple of my recent talks on the subject:
Quantum Phase-Space Tomography of Quarks in the Proton

Mass of the hadron
Recent and Upcoming Activities
• I am an organizer for the Workshoop On Possible Parity Restoration at High-Enerygyto be held at Institute of High-Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, June 11-12, 2007
• I am a member of the International Advisory Committee for the International Nuclear Physics Conference to be hold in Tokyo, Japan, June 3-8, 2007.
• I am the co-chair of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics Town Meeting on QCD and Hadronic Physics held at Rutguers University, Jan. 12-14, 2007
• M. C. Chu, Z. Z. Xing and I organized the first Neutrino Physics and Neutrino Cosmology workshop at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, in Jan. 2007.
• In June 2006, I participated in the CIPANP conference in Puerto Rico.
• I am serving on the editorial board of European Jouranl of Physics A: Hadrons & Nuclei
• I am serving as the president of the Association of Chinese-American Professors and Scientists at University of Maryland from 2006-2007..
• In summer 2005, I co-chaired the International Conference on QCD and Hadronic Physics at Peking Unviersity in China.
Recent Publications
Yue Zhang, Haipeng An, Xiangdong Ji, R.N. Mohapatra
e-Print Archive: arXiv:0704.1662
Xiangdong Ji, Yingchuan Li, Yue Zhang
Published in Phys.Rev.D75 (2007) 055016 e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0612114
Panying Chen, Xiangdong Ji
e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0612174
Pan-ying Chen, Ahmad Idilbi, Xiang-dong Ji
e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0607003
Xiang-dong Ji, D. Toublan
Published in Phys.Lett.B647 (2007) 361-365 e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0605055
A new paper
Ahmad Idilbi, Xiang-dong Ji, Feng Yuan
Published in Phys.Lett. B633 (2006) 755-760 e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0510353
 I got a Ph. D. in physics from Drexel University, had post-doctorial positions at California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was a junior faculty at MIT from 1991 to 1996. Since 1996, I have been on the faculty at University of Maryland, College Park. I am a fellow of American Physical Society (since 2000) and a recipient of the 2003 oversea outstanding young Chinese scientist award from the National Science Foundation of China. Since 2005, I am a Changjiang chair visiting professor (长江讲座教授) at Peking University.