You flap your wings and try to fly, and much to your own amazement, you actually begin to lift off the ground! Flapping more and more furiously, you soar higher and higher until you touch the clouds. \n\nIt is then that you notice that you've flown dangerously close to the sun. You look at your wings and notice the wax is melting! You plummet to your doom, cursing the publisher who cut Greek Mythology out of your literature textbook. THE END.
You give up, and start a new career as a garden gnome. THE END.
body { background-color: green;\n font-family: palatino, serif; \n font-size: 90%\n}\n\na:link { color: lightblue }
You pick up the rusty shovel. <<set $shovel = true>>\n[[Go back|2c]]
<<set $Wings = "true">>\nYou put on the wings. They fit nicely. You almost feel like you could fly off this little hill to freedom.\n\n[[Fly away|Fly]]\n[[Go back|1a]]\n
<<set $L = "1a">>\nThe passage runs north-south, surrounded on both sides by a thick, thorny hedge.\n\n[[North|Wings]]\n[[South|2a]]\n
The passage becomes narrower and narrower until it finally dead ends. <<if $shovel>>There is a shovel-shaped impression in the grass here. [[Go back|2c]]\n<<else>>There is a shovel here.\n[[Go back|2c]]\n[[Take shovel|shovel]]\n<<endif>>\n<<set $L = "2d">>\n
You awaken to find yourself trapped in a hedge maze. Above you can see the sky, a few clouds, and just enough sunlight to distinguish the four cardinal directions. Can you find your way out?<<set $L = "Start">>\n\n[[Let's give it a try|2c]]\n[[No, I give up|Quit]]\n
<<if $L eq "2c">><<set $L = "1c">>The passage goes north for a while and then curves to the right.\n\n[[Keep going|1d]]\n[[Go back|2c]]\n<<else>><<set $L = "1c">>The passage curves to the left and then leads south.\n\n[[Go back|1d]]\n[[Go south|2c]]\n<<endif>>\n
Here the passage dead ends.\n\n[[Go back|2b]]\n\n<<set $L = "1b">>
You plunge headlong into the mist, and suddenly find yourself falling forward.\n\n<<if $Wings eq "true">>As you lose control of your body and tumble forward, you begin to flap your arms and find yourself somehow airborne, gliding through an undergraound cavern. As you gently glide downwards, you realize that you can see light ahead, and with a few more flaps of your wings you find yourself soaring out from the underground canyon and landing gently on a field of grass. You escaped! THE END.\n<<else>>As you lose control of your body and tumble forward, you realize that you have just run yourself off the edge of a cliff, and you plummet to your doom.\n<<if $shovel>>Plus, to add insult to injury, you let go of the rusty shovel, and it hits you in the face.<<endif>>\nTHE END.<<endif>>
You walk some more. Here you cannot go west, due to the thick, thorny hedge blocking your way, but passages lead in the three other directions.\n\n [[North|1a]]\n [[South|3a]]\n [[East|2b]]\n\n<<set $L = "2a">>
<<set $L = "2b">>\nThere are passages leading in all directions here.\n\n [[North|1b]]\n [[South|3b]]\n [[East|2c]]\n [[West|2a]]\n
<<if $L eq "Start">>You are surrounded by tall hedge walls, with passages stretching in three directions.\n<<set $L = "2c">>\n<<else>>You are back where you started! Passages stretch in three directions.<<set $L = "2c">>\n<<endif>>\n [[North|1c]]\n [[East|2d]]\n [[West|2b]]\n
<<if $L eq "2b">>\nThe tall hedge blocks the way south, and the passage curves to the west.\n [[Keep Going|3a]]\n [[Go Back|2b]]\n<<else>>\nThe passage curves from an eastward trajectory to the north\n [[Keep Going|2b]]\n [[Go Back|3a]]\n<<endif>>\n<<set $L = "3b">>\n
You come to a place where you cannot go west, due to the thick, thorny hedge blocking your way, but passages lead north and east.\n\n [[North|2a]]\n [[East|3b]]\n\n<<set $L = "3a">>
By Daedalus
The passage opens up to a small clearing, with a small, grassy hill in the center. On the top of the hill, you see a pair of wings made of feathers and wax.\n\n[[Go back|1a]]\n[[Put on wings|Put On Wings]]\n\n
<<set $L = "1d">>The passage stretches into the misty distance.\n\n [[Plunge ahead into the mist|1e]]\n [[Go back!|1c]]\n