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Welcome to the Green Room Summer Camp at the Center for Young Children on the campus of the University of Maryland. The Green Room is a group of 18 children, ages 4- 5 and one Guinea Pig named Despereaux. The camp runs six weeks from the end of June to the beginning of August. In addition to swimming two times a week, having music class and just plain camp fun, we focus, investigating in-depth, on one topic as a summer study utilizing Project Based Learning.

This summer, the class is studying "Mixing." The idea is to bring in some chemistry terms and concepts while playing with solids, liquids, and gases. Please explore the phases of our study and see how we were able to incorporate the Maryland State Standards for kindergarten in science and other domains by integrating them within our project based study topic.

A sampling of the Kindergarten Maryland Early Learning Standards can be found on each page. Standards from all disciplines are met naturally by investigating a worthy topic in depth .