Using Computers to Make Math Resources

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Using Children's Writing and Publishing

Children's Writing and Publishing (CWP) is a desktop publishing program. That means it is a program that lets you write your stuff in a newspaper or fancy way using pictures and different types of lettering. You will be learning how to use this program and at the same time, make a math worksheet the lower grade teachers can use with their students.

Math Worksheet

You will make a math worksheet with 10 math word problems. There are several ways you can start.
  1. You could start by making up 4 word problems for the front side of your newspaper.
  2. You will write up:
  3. Limit your problems to addition, subtraction and multiplication, NO division yet.
  4. Write up the number fact you are to use and then write a word problem to go with it. For example:

  5. As you write up your problems, add pictures that go with them.
  6. You could choose a theme and have all your problems follow it. The sample provided used a sports theme.
  7. Page 2 of your newspaper will have 6 word problems on it.
  8. They can be a mixture of addition, subtraction or multiplication.

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