We're Going Batty!

Mrs. Dawn Hester's Reading Language Arts Class

April 1999

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The fifth grade students in Mrs. Hester's Reading Language Arts class each selected a topic related to bats for an independent research project. After a mini-lesson on notetaking, they began their research using a variety of books, magazine articles, and web sites. After taking notes, they put their information into paragraph form, then proofread and peer edited their work. After typing the final copy, they illustrated their topic. Topics include:
Bumblebee Bats California Leaf Nosed Bats
Diet Echolocation
Egyptian Fruit Bats Flying Fox Bats
Honduran White Bat Jamaican Fruit Bats
Megabats Mexican Free Tailed Bats
Microbats Myths About Bats
Vampire Bats Where Bats Live