MCTP Impact on the Wider Education Community

External sites that have cited MCTP online activities (updated Feb. 13, 1998)

Papers on Science Education at the 1997 SITE Conference

Example of sharing of curricula, cited in "Cool Computing: Learning and Doing in the Digital Age"
(University of Washington "Frontiers Lecture," April 1997)

Some Key Educational Areas Teachers Are Talking About (NASA Developer's Workshop)

Frederick County Science Reform Institute

References for a Math Classroom

The Ohio Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


The Technology Education Lab

Primary Network

Chemistry Education Resources (Univ. of Washington)

Singapore Polytechnic Library

Main Web Servers in Science Education


Chemistry: Molecules, Matter, and Change

Links '99 Teacher Education

General Science Links (Sand Diego State Univ.)

Swarthmore Math Forum Internet Resources on Constructivism

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Science and Mathematics Education

Constructivism (The Construct Psychology Centre, U. of Huddersfield. U.K.)

LiveText: Readings on Technology & School Reform (Columbia U.)

COMPASS Parent and Teacher Resource Page

Staff Development: Curriculum (BBN Copernicus Project)

Internet Education Listings Compiled by Others

The Guide: Reform Initiatives - Complete List

Frederick County Public Schools Science Curriculum Office

Education resources on the World Wide Web

Collins Computer Innovations Education Page

The "Front 9" list of favorite links

Some Interesting Internet Links (Science)

Ladue Horton Watkins High School Science Department

Oklahoma Partners for Biological Sciences

Constructing A WEB Home Page

Teacher Education Department, SUNY Potsdam

School of Education, University of Colorado at Denver

Resources for Teachers (Sidwell Friends School)

The World Lecture Hall (U. Texas)

EDLINKS (Marshall University)

THE MCTP Physical Science page is cited by:

Galaxy K12 Education Catalog (Academic Organizations)

TILE.NET/LISTSERV:The reference to Internet discussion groups.

A Curriculum Review of Chemistry in Context

Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru (Chemistry Webs)

Internet Chemistry Courses (U. of Wuerzberg)

Chemical Literature course at St. Mary's College of Maryland

National Chemistry Week Open House at Indiana University

Australian Chemistry Network Teaching Resources

Chemistry Teaching Resources on the Internet

The "Bead" module ("Counting by Weighing") has been adopted by the University of Kentucky

Benton Foundation Report: Will the Information Highway transform schools and prepare students for the twenty-first century?

Pitsco Technology Education Web Site