Tom and Mary's Travel Pictures

to Mongolia, China, Tibet, and Hong Kong

Mongolia Album links

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Camping in the Gobi desert.

Vulture Valley Nature Park

Local people celebrating traditional nomadic Mongolian culture

Camel breeder visit

Drop in visit to a horse farm

Hoyor Zagal Camp

Erdene Zuu Buddhist monastery

Last day in Mongolia

China Album links

The Forbidden City, Beijing

Summer Palace, Beijing

The Great Wall of China

The Wild Goose Pagoda

The Terracotta Army of Xi'an

Moslem Street and Great Mosque

School visit

Market and Chinese cooking class

Bullet train to Chengdu

People's Park



Last day in Tibet


Yangtze river cruise 1: Fengdu

Tai Chi and Mah jong lessons

Yangtze river cruise 2: Three Gorges

An impromptu farm visit

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Protests

Tom O'Haver