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Chem 122 Experiments Performed in Spring, 1996

A Penny for your Thoughts
A simple first-day discovery activity that combines science (mass weight, volume, density, elemental composition), math (percent, averaging, graphing), and information science (World Wide Web searching). It involves investigating the reasons for changes in the mass of pennys over time.

Chemical Informatics
A scientific information scavenger hunt, to be carried out on the World Wide Web. After a brief introduction to the basics of keyword searching and some hints on evaluating information, student set out to find answers to eight questions.

Temperature and Molecular Motion
A series of observations and experiments that seek to accumulate evidence for the connection between temperature and microscopic molecular motion.

Molecular Modeling with "Ball-and-Stick" Model Kits
Introduction to simple organic structures, single and double bonds, alkanes, structural isomers, rings and chains, and the existence of and requirements for chirality in molecules.

Reactions involving Gases
An experimental investigation of the chemistry of a burning candle and Alka Selzer tablets dissolving in water, carried out in open and enclosed spaces.

A class discussion and writing assignment reflecting on earlier experiments.

Chemistry Software Tools
A hands-on interactive computer experiment using Brooks-Cole's Beaker, a structure-drawing-cum-expert-system tool, and MacMolecule, a public domain 3D molecular visualization and animation tool from the University of Arizona, in activities intended to develop the students' ability to describe chemical bonding and molecular geometry in multiple representations.

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