Chem 121 Assignments

Fall, 1994

  • "pH Balanced": the meaning of pH
  • Explaining Cold Boiling and Other Puzzling Observations
  • Counting Bonds and Calories:A Molecular View of Reaction Energy
  • Counting by Weighing:Bead Jewelery Construction as a Metaphor for Chemical Stoichiometry
  • Drugs and Molecular Symmetry
  • Molecular Modeling with "ball-and-stick" model kits
  • Chemical Reactions and Energy
  • Temperature and Molecular Motion
  • The Air We Breathe:Is Dilution the Solution to Pollution?
  • "Water, water, everywhere...."
  • Problem solving with Spreadsheets
  • Visualizing Molecules with Computers
  • The Structure of Simple Carbon Compounds
  • Review and Accessment