Applying satellite data products to assess environmental changes

1)   Human activities and climate effects

·        Afforestation (Jia et al. 2015; Jiang and Liang 2013; Jiang et al. 2015);

·        Agricultural irrigation (Zhu et al. 2012; Zhu et al. 2011);

·        Forest disturbances (Chen et al. 2018; Zhang and Liang 2014a; Zhang and Liang 2014b; Zhang et al. 2014);

·        Three Gorges Dam Project (Song et al. 2017);

·        Land cover changes over China (Zhang and Liang 2018)

2)   Cryosphere and climate change

·        Snow cover changes and radiative forcing  (Chen et al. 2016a; Chen et al. 2016b; Chen et al. 2015; Chen et al. 2017; Qin et al. 2009);

·        Arctic sea ice melting (Cao et al. 2015; Cao et al. 2017).

3)   Earth’s energy budget

·        Radiation and energy budget over Tibetan Plateau (Shi and Liang 2013a, b; Shi and Liang 2014);

·        TOA energy budget (Song et al. 2018; Wang and Liang 2016; Wang and Liang 2017).

4)   Water cycle and drought monitoring

·        Water cycle over three-North China (Xie et al. 2015; Yao et al. 2014);

·        Drought monitoring and assessment (Yao et al. 2010a; Yao et al. 2010b; Zhao et al. 2015).

5)   Vegetation-atmosphere interaction

·        Vegetation response to climatic change (Jiapaer et al. 2015; Wu et al. 2015);

·        Vegetation change and vulnerability (Li et al. 2010; Li et al. 2012; Li et al. 2006)


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