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Research interests

  • Radiative transfer modeling
  • Quantitative estimation of land surface variables from satellite remote sensing<: Methodology/li>
  • Global satellite products production
  • Earth's energy budget
  • Global environmental changes

Membership of Science Teams

On-going Research Projects

  • Producing Incident Shortwave Radiation and Photosynthetically Active Radiation Products over Land Surfaces from MODIS and Geostationary Satellite Data, NASA, 2014-2017
  • Accessing Chinese Satellite data products for land applications, NASA, 2009-2015
  • Characterizing Surface Energy Budget of Different Surface Types Under Varying Climatic Conditions From AVIRIS and Master Data, NASA, 2012-2015
  • JPSS Land Surface Albedo, NOAA, 2012-present
  • Determining the Albedo Trends Due to Land Cover Change and Disturbance, USDA, 2013-2015

Past Research Projects

  • "Mapping high-resolution land surface radiative fluxes from MODIS" (Abstract), NASA
  • "Land surface thermal infrared emissivity database development and modeling for operational weather prediction and climate models" (Abstract), NOAA
  • "Global land surface albedo and anisotropy products from MODIS and VIIRS for climate and cegetation studies">, Crystal Schaaf, Principal Investigator, Alan Strahler & Shunlin Liang, Co-Investigators, NASA
  • "Developing GOES-R land surface albedo product", Shunlin Liang (PI) and Kaicun Wang (CO-I), NOAA "Improving Land Surface Products from Multiple EOS Sensors by Developing a Prototype Data Assimilation System" (Abstract), NASA
  • "Producing High-Resolution Land Surface Incident PAR Product from Multiple Satellite Data" (Abstract), NASA
  • "Mapping High-Resolution Incident Photosynthetically Active Radiation Product for the North American Carbon Program" (Abstract), , NASA
  • "Information Delivery System to Monitor the WorldÆs Agricultural Regions", NASA
  • "Assessment of Aerosol, Albedo, and Surface Type Environmental Data Records (EDRs) from VIIRS", NASA
  • "Using MODIS Data to Characterize Climate Model Land Surface Processes and the Impacts of Land Use/Cover Change on Surface Hydrological Processes", NASA
  • "EO-1 Validation and Evaluation for Agricultural Monitoring," NASA
  • "Development & Analysis of Geographic Database Defining Organic Agroecosystems", USDA
  • "Estimation of Biophysical Parameters from Remotely Sensed Data for Carbon Studies", NASA/JGCRI
  • "Validating MODIS/MISR Land Surface Reflectance and Albedo Products," NASA
  • "Development of a low-cost methods of airborne remote sensing of crops", State of Maryland
  • "International Forum on BRDF," NASA
  • "Development of Graphics-based 3D Simulation Models," Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • "Radar Backscattering Modeling & Algorithm Development for Forest Parameters Retrieval from SAR Data," NASA
  • "Topographic Effects on Solar Radiation and Remote Sensed Radiances," NASA