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At the University of Maryland, College Park, Ping Wang is an associate professor at the College of Information Studies (iSchool), senior fellow at the Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and Information (CASCI), and faculty member of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. He is also an affiliate associate professor at the Decision, Operations and Information Technologies department of the R. H. Smith School of Business.

Dr. Wang studies digital innovations - new ideas, practices, and products enabled by digital technologies. Specifically, his research seeks to understand the communities, platforms, and ecosystems where digital innovations emerge, spread, and influence individuals, organizations, and society. He leads interdisciplinary research teams that employ diverse methods, such as natural language processing, crowdsourcing, information visualization, and social network analysis, to develop theories of digital innovation communities and ecosystems. His work has appeared in leading journals such as MIS Quarterly, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Information Visualization, and MIT Sloan Management Review. In 2016, one of his papers won the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). In 2010, one of his papers won the Best Published Paper Award from the Organizational Communication and Information Systems division of the Academy of Management. Dr. Wang received his MBA from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, and his Ph.D. from UCLA Anderson School.



My paper "Connecting the Parts with the Whole: Toward an Information Ecology Theory of Digital Innovation Ecosystems" will be published in MIS Quarterly's Special Issue on Next-Generation Information Systems Theories. I give a short talk on the paper at the journal's showcase for this special issue.


At the 41st International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), I present our paper "Interplay of Competition, Innovation, and Reputation: The Red Queen in Digital Commerce of Experience Goods" with Professor Zhen Zhu.


At the 26th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), I present our paper "Red Queen Competition through Innovations on a Digital Platform for Experience Goods" with Professor Zhen Zhu visiting from China University of Geosciences in Wuhan. The paper has been nominated for Best Paper Award.


I begin to serve on the editorial board of MIS Quarterly's Special Issue on Digital Resilience.


In Munich, Germany at the 40th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2019), I co-chair the conference theme track "Information Systems The Heart of Innovation Ecosystems" with Stefan Henningsson and Eric T.K. Lim.


In Santa Barbara I co-organize the Workshop on Information Systems and Development with Cynthia Beath and Mary Culnan at the Upham Hotel.


At the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Boston, I present a paper "An Ecological Approach to Theorizing Digital Innovation Ecosystems."


In Stockholm-Uppsala, Sweden, I present my paper entitled "Theorizing Digital Innovation Ecosystems: A Multilevel Ecological Framework," at the 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS).


At the 17th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA) in Orlando. I present our paper "Indexing Text Related to Software Vulnerabilities in Noisy Communities through Topic Modelling," in collaboration with Carlos Paradis and Rick Kazman at the University of Hawaii.


In Yokohama, Japan, I present my paper, "Taking the 'Eco' Seriously: A Multilevel Model for Digital Innovation Ecosystems," at the 22nd Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2018).


For those interested in the sharing economy, here is a special issue of the MIS Quarterly Executive that Iris Junglas (FSU), Hope Koch (Baylor), Arun Sundararajan (NYU), and I co-edited. In our editorial, we attempted to sort major definitions of the sharing economy and synthesize the themes of this phenomenon that emerged from the papers we accepted.


Our paper "To Share, or Not to Share? Community-Level Collaboration in Open Innovation Contests" has been accepted by the 21st ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) to be held in New York City's Hudson River (Jersey City), November 3-7, 2018. This is collaboration with Yla Tausczik.


Our paper "Which Size Matters? Effects of Crowd Size on Solution Quality in Big Data Q&A Communities" will be presented at the 11th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM) in Montreal, Canada. This is collaboration with Yla Tausczik and Joohee Choi.


Our paper "Can Cybersecurity Be Proactive? A Big Data Approach and Challenges" is presented at the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) in Big Island, Hawaii. This is collaboration with Hong-Mei Chen, Rick Kazman, and Ira Monach.


Our doctoral student Myeong Lee presents the paper "Toward an Ecology Theory of Creatitivyt in IT Products: A Study of Mobile Device Industry" that he co-authored with Xu Meng, Brian Butler and me at the 2016 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) in Dublin, Ireland. We receive the Best Paper Award (first-place) at the conference's award lunchen on that day.


I give a talk on creativity and innovation in the global mobile device industry at the Basser Seminar Series held at the School of Information Technologies, the University of Sydney, Australia.


Collaborating with Brian Butler and Yla Tausczik, I launch a new research project "Virtual Observatory of Innovation Communities and Ecosystems (VOICE): Advancing Big Data with Ecology Theory and Data Science", sponsored by the National Science Foundation.


At the 2015 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) in Fort Worth, Texas, I present "How Do Community Ecology and Structure Shape Digital Innovation Strategy?" with Xu Meng and Brian Butler.


At the 2015 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, I present "Fashion-Telling: Predicting the Future of Digital Innovations."


I will teach INST 621 "Managing Digital Innovations in Organizations" in Spring 2016. Building on the success of the iSchool Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group, INST621 aims to understand (1) how people and organizations manage digital technologies and (2) how to use technologies to drive process, product, and service innovations. This is a flyer of the course for distribution. The syllabus from last year is here and will be updated soon. ure of Digital Innovations."


At the 6th Biennial Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy, I present "Toward an Ecological Theory and Policy for Digital Innovations" based on research collaboration with Xu Meng and Brian Butler.


At the 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Vancouver, Canada, I present a paper "Ecology for Digital Innovation: Understanding the Evolution of Customer Relationship Management" coauthored with Xu Meng and Brian Butler.


This spring semester I host the weekly iSchool Innovation & Entrepreneurship Reading Group that aims to disseminate and advance knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship. See details at


A presentation I gave at the National Academy of Sciences was summarized in a new book "Science of Science and Innovation Policy" edited by Dr. Kaye Husbands Fealing et al., now published by the National Academies Press. Read more here.


I will speak at the Professional Development Worship "Revisiting Product Ontology" at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting this August in Philadelphia.


I start serving on the Editorial Board for redesigning the website of Science of Science Policy (SoSP) Central, a community sponsored by OSTP.


Two papers I co-authored with my students will be presented at the 33rd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2012) in Orlando. One paper explains why cloud computing became so popular; the other tells of a story of how a small independent restaurant mindfully innovated with an online reservation system.


I present a study of cloud computing with my student Jia Sun at the Science of Science and Innovation Policy Principal Investigators' Workshop in the newly renovated historic National Academy of Sciences building.


When innovation meets wealth, the on-going debate of net neutrality seems to reflect the deep values held by various stakeholders, as discussed in this paper published in the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIS&T).


Dean Jennifer Preece appoints me Director of the Ph.D. program at Maryland's iSchool.


The different trajectories of three innovations in information visualization have prompted a historical analysis, published in the journal Information Visualization.


I start micro-blogging in Chinese in SINA Weibo (新浪微博). Follow me @DrWangPing.


I facilitate the research roundtable "IT and Organizational Strategy" at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in San Antonio.


I have been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective on August 23, 2011.


University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh appoints me to serve on the University's Vice President-CIO search committee. See the announcement here.


My co-author Neil Ramiller and I have done an interview with the CIO of the Academy of Management OCIS division about our experience in producing a recent award-winning paper in MIS Quarterly. Read the interview here.


In Spring 2011, I will be teaching a new course INFM718Z "Managing IT Innovations in Organizations". See the course's flyer here.


I present the STICK project to researchers and policy makers in Congress and federal agencies at a workshop on science policy organized jointly by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the National Science Foundation in AAAS headquarters in Washington DC. See the workshop's website and my slides.


In Beijing, China, the School of Information at the Central University of Finance and Economics appoints me Visiting Professor (by courtesy) for three years.


At Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, I serve as an external examiner for the Doctor of Management viva for Mr. Han Zhigang, Vice President of China Unicom.


At 2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada, the paper "Community Learning in Information Technology Innovations," I co-authored with Professor Neil Ramiller wins the Best Published Paper Award (first-place) at the Academy's Organizational Communication and Information Systems (OCIS) Division. See OCIS' announcement here and MIS Quarterly's announcement here.


At 2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada, I co-organize with Professor Emmanuelle Vaast  a Professional Development Workshop: "Making the Most of Digital Text Data: Opportunities, Challenges, and Best Practices." [My Slides]


The Summer 2010 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review publishes my article "The Surprising Impact of Fashions in Information Technology." [HTML] [PDF]


At the University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) 27th Annual Symposium, I organize a half-day workshop, "Visual Analytic Tools for Managing Technological Innovations." My presentation slides are available here.


My doctoral student Chia-jung Tsui is awarded the Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship.


ComputerWorld features my recent study of IT fashion in its "Think Tank." [HTML] [PDF]

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