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What Is a Theory of Human Linguistic Understanding.pdf

Church To Chomsky, Marr to Most.pptx
Two Kinds of Concept Introduction.pdf
Two Kinds of Concept Introduction.pptx
Conjunction Subtraction and Comparison.pptx
Framing Event Variables.pdf
Framing Event Variables.pptx
Semantic Typology For Human I-Languages.pdf
Semantic Typology For Human I-Languages.pptx
Lexical Neutrality, Composite Meanings.pdf
LexicalNeutrality, Composite Meanings.pptx
Semantic Framing: The Meaning of 'Most'.pdf
Semantic Framing: The Meaning of 'Most'.pptx
Subjects, Predicates, and Systematicity.pdf
Subjects, Predicates, and Systematicity.pptx
Semantic Typology and Composition.pdf
Semantic Typoloogy and Composition.pptx
Values of Event Variables.pdf
Values of Event Variables.pptx