Here are some recent draft chapters for Conjoining Meanings: semantics without truth values (to appear with OUP).
Drafts with earlier dates--and there were many--are defunct. And for those keeping score, there has been a title change.
Comments (to are welcome. But since these are drafts, still subject to change, please don't quote.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Chapters five to seven, available soon, are based on three papers...

Semantic Monadicity with Conceptual Polyadicity (in the Oxford Handbook of Compositionality, edited by Werning/Machery/Hinzen, 2012)
Minimal Semantic Instructions (in the Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism, edited by Cedric Boeckx, 2011).
Concepts, Meanings, and Truth: First Nature, Second Nature, and Hard Work (Mind and Language 25: 247-78, 2010).

I'm currently working on revisions arising from a (wonderful) month of June at the Ecole Normale Supérieure.  
Here are the slides I used for a series of "Context and Content" lectures at the Institut Jean Nicod
Many thanks to my host, Francois Recanati, and the very helpful audiences.

        June 6, "Event Variables and Framing Effects"                     .pdf version
        June 13, "I-languages, T-sentences, and Liars"                      .pdf version
        June 20, "Words, Concepts, and Conjoinability"                   .pdf version
        June 27, "Meanings as Concept Construction Instructions"   .pdf version

And here are the slides for "Procedure Matters," a CogSci talk that I gave earlier this year at Yale.
In September/October, I'll be giving conference or colloquium talks at Princeton, UNC, NC state, Bochum, and McGill.
It is possible that I may re-use some slides.