This page includes some links related to Conjoining Meanings: Semantics without Truth Values (OUP, 2018).
Here is a precis. And here is a different kind of introduction to the project.

The book is part of Oxford's Context and Content series.
I was invited to give a series of Context and Content Lectures at the Institut Jean Nicod in June of 2013.
Those lectures led to an early draft of the manuscript.

There was a triple-review, with responses from me, in the April 2020 issue of Mind and Language.
The reviewers were Gillian Ramchand
, David Pereplyotchik, and John Collins.
Gillian posted her essay, "Truth is dead; long live the Truth," on her website/blog.
Here is the pre-publication version of my responses to the generous and thoughtful comments.

David Lindeman wrote this for Philosophy in Review (November 2020).

There will be a book symposium in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
These four pages will be my introduction to the book.
Zoltan Szabo
has posted a draft of his comments via his website.
My responses will appear in the journal. But if you're interested, email me.

Jeff Speaks provides a nice, compact description of the leading idea
in his helpful essay on Theories of Meaning for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.