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The Extension Dogma: 45 minute version
    delivered via Zoom at the 12th Dubrovnic Conference on Cognitive Science in May 2021.
Here are links to the slides and the Q&A session.   
If you want something to read in this vein, you might look at this overview of Conjoining Meanings.

The Extension Dogma: 90 minute version plus the Q&A session
    for a Zoom session of a course at the University of Arizona in October 2021.
Here are the slides.
The first hour of this talk, which starts at 2:30 of the recorded video, is a slightly revised version of the talk above. It moves a bit more slowly, especially at the beginning, for non-specialists. The last 30 minutes reviews some experimental findings about quantifiers.

    Here are some written reports on the collaborative experimental work discussed at the end.
     Linguistic Meanings As Cognitive Instructions    
    The Mental Representation Of Universal Quantifiers

Semantic Framing: the meaning of 'most'
(slides here)
    delivered live at Simon Frasier University in 2014.

"Fostering Liars"
This was a more technical talk, intended for specialists, about some foundational issues semantics.
It was recorded at the Topoi conference in Turin (June, 2018).
Here are the 
slides and the corresponding paper, which was published in the journal Topoi.

"What are (human linguistic) meanings, and what are theories of meaning theories of"
This was a less technical talk, in May 2021, for t
he Abralin ao Vivio series.
The talk starts about 3 minutes into the video.

Here are the slides.