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Some number of years ago, I got interested in photography and astronomy, in part as a respite from thinking about words and writing about thought. Seeing the veil nebula quickly puts the latter, along with committee meetings, into perspective.

One thing led to another, and I ended up having telescopes (plural), the largest of which is a Starmaster reflector with an 18" mirror.

If you have a camera and a telescope, it's hard to resist the temptation to put the two together.
Here are some initial attempts with an Orion (ED) 80 mm refractor and with the 18" Starmaster.
Though with a bigger lens, you can take these.

Here are some more photos taken with smaller cameras.

Along the way, my wife Sue and I also started riding horses.
We then somehow acquired the belief that it would be good to own a horse.
We ended up acquiring Sadie, along with many Sadie-related things, like saddles and bruises.
And then Sadie needed a friend. Enter Finn.

  Sue and SadieFinn on the Texas 2-step
  Sadie and meFinn taking in the view