Graduate Research Assistantships

I am able to support a limited number of Ph.D. student advisees with graduate research assistantships. This support is normally not available until you have completed (or are near completion of) your required coursework, so you should make arrangements for any needed support from other sources early in your program.. It is rare for me to have sufficient funds for students who are not enrolled in a Ph.D. program, or for whom I do not serve as advisor or co-advisor (and the volume of unsolicited requests for such positions makes it impractical for me to reply to each).

I have appointments in Information Studies, Computer Science, and the Applied Mathematics $amp; Statistics and Scientific Computation Program that make it possible for me to supervise Ph.D. dissertations for students who are enrolled in any of those programs. For students in other programs, I can sometimes arrange to serve as a co-advisor.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistant positions are arranged by each department, and students should contact their department for information about this.

Hourly Employment

Occasionally we hire University of Maryland students to help out with specific research project. When we do, there will be an announcement on mailing lists whee I would expect students with the needed skills to see it, and I will also post that announcement on my Web page. If there is no announcement on my Web page, I have no open positions.


For some reason, an increasing number of undergraduate students from around the world are sending unsolicited applications for "internships" that do not exist. I am not able to reply individually to such inquiries, but I can assure you that those positions that do not exist really do not exist.
Doug Oard
Last modified: Sat Jul 1 04:21:11 2023