Dr. Nikhil Chopra


Dr. Nikhil Chopra

Department of Mechanical Engineering

2149 Glenn L. Martin Hall

College Park, Maryland 20742

Mailing Address

Email: nchopra at umd dot edu

Ph: +1 301-405-7011

Fax: +1 301-314-9477

Contact Information

Research Interests

  1. 1. Privacy and Security of Autonomous Systems

  2. 2. Control of Networked Robotic Systems

  3. 3. Synchronization of Dynamical Systems

  4. 4. Bilateral Teleoperation

  5. 5. Control of Semi-Autonomous Systems


  1. Bullet New Book

  1. Bullet An Audio-Visual Synchronization Algorithm Implemented on a  Robotic Drummer!

  2. Bullet I am the co-organizer of the National Control Engineering Students Workshop. Please visit the workshop webpage for more details. The abstracts for the student talks can be found here. Student Abstracts.pdf



Current Graduate Students

Yimeng Dong 2013-

Prasad Chanekar 2013-

Nirupam Gupta 2013-

Tianchen Liu 2013-

Bryan Hays  2013-

Gurtajbir Herr 2014-

Jeffrey Twigg 2016-

Graduated Students

Yen-Chen Liu 2007-2012

Pavan Tallapragada  2009-2013

David Berman 2011-2012