Hi, I am Lingzi Hong

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student in College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland at College Park. I am a research assistant working with Vanessa Frias-Martinez in the Urban Computing Lab. My research projects are funded by the World Bank and NSF. I am also a member of the Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Lab.

My research interests include machine learning applications, spatio-temporal data mining and natural language processing. My current research focuses on enhancing decision making process with data-driven approachsing using large scale digital behavior traces, such as cell phone data, social media data. Specifically, I aim to create data-driven models that sense, characterize, and predict the patterns of mobility activities, social interactions and communications, for people under different socioeconomic context, or facing social events or natural shocks. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information System and master’s degree in Information Science from Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.

Recent Activities