Math 246 MatLab Projects, Fall 2018

(22 August version)

There are six MatLab projects worth 20 points each. Your best five count towards your couse grade. These projects are given below, but are subject to changes announced either here or in class.

When and Where to Turn in Your Projects. Each Project assignment should be turned-in to your discussion section instructor no later than the beginning of the discussion section on its due date by either:

If the University cancels class for any reason on the scheduled due date of a project then that project will be due on the first day that the large lecture subsequently meets. Projects turned in late will be recorded, but may not be graded for full credit.

How Each Project Should Look. You should submit your work by creating an "m" file, using individual cells in the "m" file for each problem, and putting the problem number at the beginning of the cell as a comment. You can split up a multi-part problem into multiple cells, as long as you label each cell. Then you should use the "publish to html" option to create a nice looking output and then print the html file, which can be displayed by matlab or opened with a web browser. Your answers should be presented in the order that the problems are assigned. If you use more than one sheet of paper, they should be stapled together. The top of the first page should include: your name, course and section number, your discussion section instructor's name, and the date the assignment is due.

MatLab Teams. Your discussion section instructor will assign teams for projects B-F. Be sure you know who is on your team for each project! Each team turns in one version of each project. The names of every team member should be on each project. Each team member is responsible for all the work turned in by the team. This means that while you may have had prime responsiblity for part of the project, you should be aware of how others on the team approached the rest of the project. For starters, you should check that they did the correct problem. You should also understand how they did it. If your team is not working well, notify your discussion section instructor right away!

Running MatLab Remotely. Students can run MatLab remotely through the Virtual Computer Lab at

MatLab Project Assignments

These assignments are drawn from Differential Equations with MatLab, Third Edition,
by Hunt, Lipsman, Osborn, and Rosenberg (HLOR).
It assumes that you are using MatLab version 2011b or later.