Math 246 Discussion, Fall 2018

There will be 14 discussion meetings, each of which will include group work activities worth a total of ten points. These group work activities will be posted beforehand along with the quiz solutions on the class website under Quizzes . Your ten best discussion scores will count toward your course grade. No make-up group work will be given.

"Tens Digit" Rule
Scores for missed discussions and any discussion score that is lower than the "tens digit" of your score on the in-class exam covering the same material will replaced by the minimum of that digit and your highest discussion score over that period. For example, if you score 83 on the first in-class exam and have a score of at least an 8 on one of the discussions then the score of any of the first four discussions that is lower than 8 will be raised to 8. Notice that this policy does not apply to discussions after the last in-class exam.
WARNING: Because it rounds down, if you rely on this policy for most of your discussions then your net discussion score could be one letter grade lower than your average in-class exam score! This policy is intended to provide a safety net that can be used a few times, not as something that should be used often.

University Closures
If the University closes on the day of a scheduled discussion before the last in-class exam then your discussion score for that day will be the "tens" digit of your score on the associated exam. If the University closes on the day of a scheduled discussion after the last in-class exam then there will be no score replacement.