Math 246 Attendance and Drop Policies, Fall 2012


Attendance will be taken in the discussion sections on 29 August , 5 September , and 12 September (the last day to add courses is 12 September). If you have an unexcused absence during this period and if there is a waiting list for your section then you risk being administratively dropped from the class. (Those who have never shown up will be dropped first; those who have missed the 5 and 12 September class will be dropped next.) Because waiting lists typically vanish by 12 September, it is rare that anyone is administratively dropped from a class.

You should never assume that you will be dropped from the class simply because you are not attending or not taking exams. If you wish to drop the class, you should follow the University Procedures, which are outlined under ``Drop'' below.

You are expected (but not required) to attend every scheduled lecture and discussion section. At all times, you are responsible for knowing every topic that is covered in lecture (whether or not it is covered in the books), for obtaining all materials distributed on the website, and for knowing every change in either a homework assignment, a Matlab project, a quiz or exam schedule, an office hour, or a course policy that is announced in lecture or on the website. You are also responsible for collecting your graded projects, quizzes, and exams from your TA. Graded projects, quizzes, and exams will only be returned directly to each student.

The University Class Attendance Policy can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.


If you are enrolled in this course for credit then you must drop it before the close of business on 12 September if you desire a complete deletion of enrollment from your record. This can be done either After 12 September you may drop this course with a grade of ``W'' until 7 November . After 7 November you may not drop this course. The University Drop Policy can be found at .