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Fluid Behavior in Classical, Kinetic, and Quantum Regimes
Spring 2003

Team Directors: David Levermore (, x5-5127)
Jian-Guo Liu (, x5-5148)
Robert Pego (, x5-5172)

Regular Meeting Time: 5:00pm-6:50pm Wednesdays in MTH 1313

RIT News

RIT Plan

Research Focus: We will study mathematical aspects of various fluid-dynamical regimes. These might include well-posedness, long-time behavior, attractor dynamics, stability of coherent structures, fluid-dynamical limits, moment approximations, numerical methods and transition-regime models. Applications might include dilute gases, Bose-Einstein condensates, semiconductors, radiative transport, charged particles, or neutronics.

Graduate Prerequisites: Analysis (Math 630), or PDEs (Math 673) or ODEs (Math 414 or 670), or numerics (AMSC 666 or 660). Some knowledge of fluid mechanics or quantum mechanics would be useful. Permission of an instructor.

Undergraduate Prerequisites: Advanced calculus (Math 410) and differential equations (Math 246). Any of the following are useful but not required: complex variables (Math 463), ODE (Math 414), PDE (Math 462), scientific computation (AMSC 460 or AMSC 466), some knowledge of physics would be useful (mechanics, quantum, electrodynamics). Permission of an instructor.

Graduate Program: Team members will make presentations either on readings of fundamental papers or book chapters, or on their own analytical and/or numerical investigations. When appropriate, these may be developed into more formal presentations for seminars, conferences, or publication. Team members will be asked to help mentor more junior team members.

Undergraduate Program: Same as above, as appropriate to the background of the student.

Work Schedule: Meetings will be held weekly. These sometimes may be held jointly with related RITs.

Updated 29 January 2003